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Inside the logic of the app

In this section you will know about Scrum method, its functionality and the rola play inside it


Scrum Player

The bigger companies of the planet have:

Scrum players

Top agency in the world work with scrum method!

Scrum is the most effective method to manage a project. In the bigger agency environment, we need three player: Product owner, Team masters, Team-workers.

The idea come from

Product owner

The product owner set the strategy in order to create and distribute a Product.

He/She has specific task as: Brainstorm, Ideate, Set a strategy, Team composition, Supervise

Manage team and deadline

Scrum master

The team-master supervise creative and developing stages, makes reviews and lots of meetings with the Team and the Product owner

He/She has task as: Brainstorm, Supervise, Standup-review, Sprint plan, Sprint review, Meetings

The real construction


Thanks to the team, the work will be done. With the scrum method and effective skills, the Product will be ready far away from deadline (hope that...)

They have the primary task of effectively building the product and other soft-task as: Scrum work, Meetings, Reviews, Coding, Allineation


Scrum method

Set the backlog

When you set the project, you have to write down all the part of the work

Make a list

Select a group of elements from the Backlog, you will work on there

Start working

Now you can set a period of time to complete all the elements of the list

The process

Scrum bee

Inside the rules of the method

In this section you will know about the rules of working with scrum method. Let's check them.

Set the Project info

First you have to set all the info about the project (Name, type, application) You have to create the team and set all for the next step.

Fullfill the Backlog

Now you have to subdivide the problem of the Product into a smaller and manageable problems. You can use the element like a story to describe the problems.

Select and rate Tasks

Once you have all the element, you have to select some of these to start working on it. Before that you have to rate the problem so that you can track the progress.

Start the sprint

Now that we have a group of element, we can choose a period of time in which we will work 100% and complete all the selected elements.

Sprint review

When the period ends, we have to review the work in order to have a feedback from the sprint. With all the info and the statistic we can set a better sprints every time.

Start again from 3

Now you can continue selecting new elements (or what you can't finish in the previous sprint) and create new sprints until all the elements are completed.

Scrum bee

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