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How to manage all your work

Thanks to the kanban, you will be able to track your progress among tasks and user stories of your projects. Let’s find out how does it work!



Easy to use

The kanban is an easy-to-use tool to manage lots of tasks of a project

Track the work

You can control the progress (from planning to done) of all the work you have to do

Schare with team

The kanban show everyone's task about the project. You can track the general progress

How does the kanban work

Scrum BEEst tool!

Learn 3 simple rules

When we start a Sprint, we can manage the task and move it by its progress. We will teach you how to work with the Kanban and how to manage tasks.

First rule

One at a time

When you try to manage one more task (or user story) in the same time, it could either fail or could be just incompleted. So take one task at a time and finish it.

Second rule

Always track actions

When you are in a team and you have your specific work, let your team know how is it going. With the kanban you can let the other view the progress of your work

Final rule

Use Tags

When you work in a diversified team, you can use Tags in the task creation to give a label to it so that you can easily find out your specific task (like Back-end, or Front-end and so on)

how to use kanban tool

Just Drag 'n' Drop

When you work on task, drag its card from the “pending” state to “in progress” state, so you can move to “testing” when it’s almost completed and finally to “done” state.

Scrum bee task

Task element

The most simple element is the Task. It has a Title and a Description. You can also view Priority and a Date for it.

Scrum bee User Story

User Story element

Just like the task, the basic element are title and description. It’s more comlex than task, it has an Identification number and some stats for the roadmap tracking.

Scrum bee

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