Scrum bee


Here is some gamify element

Just to keep Scum bee even more interesting...But remember, this is a Project management tool, not a videogame.




The challenge keeps the user's attraction high, thanks also to and the reward associated with it. It’s therefore one of the most effective <span style=color: red> elements </span> in motivating people to perform an action.


The Score is the system by which progress is tracked.The score is awarded both individually and collectively, providing further information about the quality of teamwork.


The leaderboard must be applied carefully or it can induce negative feedback from the user.

The leaderboard allows you to classify users and teams into one list, keeping positions based on the amount of accumulated points. This motivates the element of challenge and competition


The virtual rewards are the way in which it comes a positive feedback for the digital user. These can take forms different, depending on the system in which they operate


The path that the user pursues is an excellent element of game mechanics that tracks your steps and progress. Establishing a roadmap or journey guarantees the user to have a broader point of view.


Although enough freedom of action must be left, this must take place within a delimited environment that sets the direction in which to move

Hope you enjoy

Scrum bee Gamify rules

That’s gamification!