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Manage your team, manage your time and enjoy the process with efficacy.


Scrum project you can manage for free!


Voice assistant for a better organizzation


Will enjoy the process of creation


Game principle structured inside Scrum bee

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Amazing features

Scrum bee features with the scrum method combined, are the most effective way to bring an idea to the real world...step by step.

Manage with your voice

Scrum bee

Voice office

One of the foundamental feature is Voice Office. Connect with Amazon Alexa and use your voice to manage your projects


You can easily use scrum bee thanks to a intuitive interface


We integrate some element of gamify, just to make it fun.

Scrum method

You will work with scrum method. you will be ''superfast''

Scrum bee

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Check out our Software concept, the scrum method and all the details of Scrum bee.

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